I will start my blog off by saying, I am indeed a brony, but also love minecraft too. I mean, who doesn't?! I will answer any questions you guys may have about MLP:FiM or Minecraft or whatever really. I am a heavy conservative and I do not like liberals, femenists, nazis, gays who say that they're special but not gays in general, ignorant people, and illegal immigrants. I think that hey ALL should be deported or killed. Same for our 'Oh so fucking wonderful president' Barak Osama. Fucking liberal dumbass...Want to yell at me for being different? My Skype is pewdiepies_bro, my Twitch (shared with a few friends) is TheHeroic5, my Twitter is @Nobody__At_All and please, do NOT take anthing I say out of context...and for those of you who read down here, I love Metallica and I hate modern day pop culture. SO there's that. Thank you for reading my long but informative bio. Have fun Tumblin'!


how is this even a real show

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when u try to tell ur friends a pun




found the best twitter 

I was angry until i read the tweets

You feminazi freaks…get the fuck out of here and go hang yourself with a noose. True feminism is equality between both genders, and you Tumblr feminazis are saying “men are oppressing us!” Even though we’re not. And you claim to be the ‘weak yet strong gender”, and quite frankly, you are just a whole bunch of oppressive pieces of shit.


I only just now noticed this family is a mirror-Pines family

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I hope you liberal fucks are happy…you’ve turned America upside the fuck down. You can go take your commie ways and shove it hard up your asshole.


the true ending to fnaf, and the conclusion of the bite of ‘87

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